Pals for Pups Play Care Facility offers a peace-of-mind alternative to leaving your Canine pal home alone. Our play care program provides a fun, healthy and engaging environment filled with lots of activities, love and attention. So, by days-end you and your best friend will come home feeling relaxed and happy knowing that you both had a great day!

When you get home from work, does your dog barrel out the front door? After a walk does your dog get that mischievous look in his eye….like what should I get into now? At Pals for Pups, the dogs are free to play all day except at naptime. When dogs play together it provides a different type of physical and mental stimulation that we humans can’t give. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog….and all of our dogs leave tired but happy.

When you walk your dog, does he pull and tug at the leash when another dog approaches? He may not be receiving enough socialization time with other dogs. Since dogs are pack animals, most dogs are happy when they can run and play with other dogs. Dog daycare provides the perfect opportunity for your dog to get back to their roots…..and remember what being a dog is like. You will notice a significant difference in your dog’s behavior.. Many obedience problems stem from a lack of exercise.

Pals for Pups is the very best in dog play care! Our conveniently located center has over 11,500 square feet for your dog to run and play! Dog daycare has many benefits to dogs and their families.

Destructive chewing, barking, digging, and house soiling are often the result of boredom, under-stimulation, or lack of exercise. Pals for Pups provides your dog with the exercise and stimulation she needs to keep your couch, rugs, and garden safe.

Dogs are pack animals; therefore, being alone can be distressing. In fact, many wild dogs go from birth to death with out spending a minute alone! At Pals for Pups your pooch will enjoy romping and playing with his pals and the doting staff all day long. They will also learn proper behavior around people too!

Your dog will spend the day running in our large indoor and outdoor facility, playing on equipment, and chasing toys. She will be exercised and well behaved when you come to pick her up!

We have  9 Indoor/Outdoor play areas to separate dogs according to play style and size.

We take extra special care of your aging pets as well. We understand their needs. That’s why our facility is equipped with separate play areas for even those older dogs who are less active or just plain grumpy around those wild younger dogs! We make sure that the older animals receive that extra special tender loving care.

Contact us to make an appointment for your free required temperament test evaluation for play care entrance.

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Full days
1-4 days $35
5 day package $165
12 day package $372
Package expires 1 year after date of purchase.

12 day package $348
Package expires 30 days after date of purchase.

Half days
1-4 days$26
5 day package$125
12 day package $288
Package expires 1 year after date of purchase


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